Saturday, October 13, 2012

Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)

I'm sinking a lot of time across multiple characters in Borderlands 2.

I dig any sort of sequel that is not just "more of the same", and not "just a bit better" -- but actually holds onto all of the good of the previous version, and blows the lid off with new [gameplay|story|polish|features|etc.].

No, it's not perfection -- It's still way more compelling for me to play the game in a group than it is alone -- but this "Diablo looter as a slick stylized shooter with its own identity" is a ton of fun.

Me? I play a lot of games. A lot a lot.

But my clans? I can't seem to pull them away from Call of Duty or Halo (both of which I really like, BTW). Borderlands 2 has done what I couldn't do on my own -- show them there are other games out there.

And the writing? The acting and voice over delivery?

Fun, fun stuff.